Nike Ordem Review


Colwyn Bay FC Reserves were lucky enough to receive 2 Nike Ordem Footballs from our friends over at Betfair 


The Nike Ordem 2 Football – the Official Premier League Football –  features Nike Aerowtrac grooves and a micro-textured casing for true flight, accuracy and control. A fuse-welded construction and carbon latex bladder deliver excellent touch and responsiveness during intense competition. In other words, when you thump it one, it doesn’t half move in the air which made life difficult for our Goalies!

The Players took warmly to the new Footballs and as a group commented on how light, yet sturdy the ball felt. With the new stitching and the “bumps” on the ball, it gives a true spin and power when struck or when running with the ball at pace. Passes can be felt properly when kicked.

Another element that players liked was the feel of the ball on your foot. The material used on the outer of the ball is a nitrogen expanded foam which has some spring in it, however when kicking the Ordem II I found it relatively hard to the touch. In our opinion this is great as the ball doesn’t spring off your foot when you control it while, at the same time, offers a satisfying connection when striking it.