Farewell message from Gus Williams

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Gus Williams announced that he is standing down as manager at the club's presentation evening

Gus Williams announced that he is standing down as manager at the club’s presentation evening

WHEN I took over the role of Manager from Frank it was on the basis of reviewing it at the end of the season. Within that period the Chairman, Board, Players, Staff and Supporters of the club have shown tremendous support to what we as a management team were trying to achieve on the pitch.
Survival was the focus and bar goal difference we would have achieved that. However, irrespective of the great effort by all at the club we missed out and now next season Llanelian Road will witness football from another league.
The Chairman and Board have wished that I continue on the role which is greatly appreciated, but with a heavy heart I have decided that the club will benefit from a new voice and to be fair to all it is best that I remove myself from this great family club completely.
I have nothing but the upmost of respect for all involved with Colwyn Bay FC. From the moment previous Chairman Bob Paton introduced me to the club all I have done is work with great people from past Chairmen, Managers, players and staff through to the supporters.
This has been a massive privilege and honour as these people have true passion and love for their club and to be accepted into this circle fills me with streams of gratitude that will forever be in place.
In recent times the support provided by Dave Titchener and his board has been unequivocal and I sincerely hope that all the good things that the future holds come Colwyn Bay’s way as they without a doubt deserve it.
I had the opportunity at the presentation night to say goodbye to all who attended but to those who weren’t present please accept my sincerest thanks and appreciation of what has been a great three years at the club and your support and belief in the work done is highly valued and one thing for certain whoever takes over will have the best interest of the club at heart as this is the bare minimum requirement expected by everybody associated with Colwyn Bay FC.
I know that well and I believe I did that whilst there. The club are dealing with the vacancy whilst my old assistants Ash and Dan currently remain at the club and I am sure will be discussing their options with the Chairman and Board in as much as the players will who have shown their own loyalty to the club as this club is also part of their life.
I have no immediate plans other than to start a part-time Masters course of study alongside my work and potentially do some scouting.
As there are far too many people to mention may I thank you all for your friendship and welcome on a regular basis at the club and for certain I shall be back at the Bay supporting the new regime and meeting those new friends that I made whilst there in the coming season.
Fondness and Memories are made from such great experiences see you all soon.